Handmade Bath and Body Products - Memphis, TN


You’ll love our sustainable packaging. It’s cool and the planet thinks so too.

Water is life! Here in Memphis we are privy to having what is called “the sweetest water in the world”. The Wolf River watershield happens to be one of the world’s largest artesian well systems. When you take a sip of cool Memphis water, you’ll be drinking water that has been lovingly prepared for millions of years! Literally.

The Wolf River and its bald cypress trees are my inspiration for Cypress Naturals Memphis. Kayaking The Wolf feels like a step back in time. It’s a remarkable opportunity to share an experience with those you love, or even better a moment of silence to enjoy all that God has created.

Cypress trees have root systems called “knees” so you’ll see them poking out everywhere in the water which makes kayaking super cool. The Wolf is for all to enjoy. Come see some remarkable, natural features found nowhere else on earth and bring others for a day adventure. Memphis is an amazing town with great folks and beautiful natural wonders.

At Cypress Naturals, we do our best to minimize use of plastics in our packaging and shipping. We’ll also have tips and ideas about easy things we can do to limit the amount of plastic that is thrown away every day. Besides, sustainably packed goods look super cool and you’ll feel great popping them into the recycle bin or even better, reusing our soap boxes!

Bald Cypress trees with all your beautiful knees, we salute you.

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