Hi Cypress friends,

I want to again say thank you(!) for an amazing 2020. Cypress Naturals has expanded our business to include a shop located here locally within Painted Tree where small makers can sell their products. Being included in the Painted family has been a great way to serve our local clients. I also want to do a few shows around town in 2021 to satisfy my craving for connection and joy within the art and crafting world.

All that said, the only downer, bummer, really serious drag on my vibe during 2020 was the shipping crisis. I say this because there were many of my customers who received late or even ZERO orders placed because of explosive growth with ecommerce. This hit Cypress Nats especially hard with shipping and supply chain cost increases as well as unreliable results for my customers when sending their goods. Honestly, I wanted to pull my hair out.

As I started to prepare for Valentine’s Day this year, the sick feeling in my Christmas 2020 gut told me that things are not better. There are probably Santa gifts still adrift or on the island of misfit toys. It just seemed sad to expose my lovely soaps and such to this brutal reality.

Reluctantly, I’ve decided to place a “pause” on our website to focus on what I can control better as a local seller.

2021 will bring about so much change and with that, I fully expect things will catch up and we’ll all take a collective breath (not yet...but hopefully and eventually) and things will get better with small beans kinds of companies like mine.

Please please come see us if you can at Painted Tree Memphis and in the meantime, know that I am eternally grateful for all the love, support and orders you’ve placed with us over this year. Will keep you posted and thanks so very much from the bottom of my heart,